Terms and Conditions

Humans walk in opposition. Limbs counter one another, instinctually maximising balance, hips and shoulders the same. Similar opposition is routinely expressed through attempts to identify who and what we are in the world. We take pride in supporting diversity while simultaneously glorifying inner circles and the familiarity they reinforce. We uplift and mock sometimes in the same breath. If we observe well, we can see people often desiring the feeling of belonging and isolation at the same time. Terms and Conditions is a work that considers plausible motives and consequences relative to the question: Does this behavior(nature?) demonstrate a loss of humanity or a necessary capacity for evolution?

This production was made possible thanks to the support of the Rambert Commissioning Council.

Jermaine Maurice Spivey
Lighting design:
Antony Hateley
Costume design:
Noemi Daboczi
Sound design:
Francis Gardner

Jermaine Maurice Spivey is a graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts and The Juilliard School. From 2002-present, Jermaine has lived and worked predominately in Europe but recently returned to make his home base in the USA. Most consistently since 2008, Jermaine has been a member of Crystal Pite’s company Kidd Pivot. He has also worked as rehearsal assistant and staged Crystal Pite’s work for companies such as Cedar Lake Ballet, Carte Blanche, Hessisches StaatsBallett Wiesbaden and Netherlands Dance Theater. More

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