“With all the conveniences and uncharted opportunities of the digital revolution we might also be numbing our bodies as the fundamental key of being in the world and knowing it.  Is this the beginning of an apocalypse of the body? There are essential, ambiguous and complex elements of our humanity that we can only be accessed through our physical experience.

“Sama (a combination of the ancient Greek word for ‘body’ and Slovenian for ‘by herself’) is a glimpse at a tangible universe where individuals have a space to express themselves and transcend through their skin into social interaction, knowledge and spirituality.

“Forget conventional, oversimplifying or automated rules of reasoning. The body is the chance of being without reducing.”

Andrea Miller is the founder, Artistic Director and choreographer of Brooklyn-based company Gallim. She has established herself as a perpetually groundbreaking artist who brings unbridled empathy, intimacy, and sensitivity to her work. A sought-after creator and collaborator in dance, art, film, theater, tech, and fashion, Miller was named 2017/2018 Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, becoming the first choreographer to hold that distinction. More

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