"From King Kong to radio shock-jocks, Rambert’s Rooms is a wild dance masterpiece"

The Telegraph

"A colourful portrait of urban living"

The Times

"Thrilling glimpses of private lives"

The Guardian

17 dancers, 36 scenes, 100 characters, 1000 costumes…

Rambert’s brilliant dancers invite us into wildly different worlds and surprising set-ups. People trying to live their lives, navigate dilemmas, swerve mishaps and survive their mini-dramas.

Rooms is a daftly ambitious dance-theatre-film that is performed live. It’s sometimes absurd it’s oftentimes funny. It’s beautiful and it’s peculiar, and occasionally a little bit sad.  Or maybe it’s all perfectly normal.

Watch the trailer

Watch the Rooms trailer

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Jo Strømgren


Jo StrømgrenJo Strømgren

Jo Strømgren is a Norwegian choreographer, theatre director, and playwright. As a choreographer he has been commissioned by a large number of classical and contemporary companies and he is currently the House Choreographer with the Norwegian National Ballet. As a theatre director he has predominantly been working with institutional theatres in the Nordic countries, Germany, Russia, and USA. As a playwright he has written 25 plays in different languages and is a member of Nordic Writer’s Guild. He has also directed a feature film, several short movies, and two operas. His independent company, Jo Strømgren Kompani, has toured globally for 20 years featuring a peculiar mix of dance, theatre, and puppet theatre, often with nonsensical languages. His CV covers nearly 200 productions, mostly full evenings, performed in more than 60 countries. More

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