Livestream season 2021

Following the success of our first real-time digital livestream on Rambert Home Studio in September, we’re continuing to livestream online performance throughout 2021.

As soon as we can return to theatres (safely) we will – and we can’t wait to see you if you’d like to join us. But we also want to continue to explore the new and different experiences we can invite you to online.

Rather than performing a straight show on a stage and film it for you, we’re discovering making shows knowing there’ll be cameras involved from the get-go opens up a whole world of adventure. So, these are not (just) high-quality broadcasts; we’re exploring cinematography integrated with live performance, to land you right into the middle of the action. We’re aiming for an audience experience we could never achieve in a theatre.

Watching it felt more like watching a movie, immersive and absorbing, yet easily the most technically sophisticated live dance production I’ve seen since theaters closed.
New York Times on Draw from Within

…a daftly ambitious triumph of logistics and production, one that embraces the current restrictions rather than being cowed by them.
The Telegraph on Draw from Within

For 2021 we’ve commissioned three new events especially to be streamed live from our London studios to the world.

Rooms Jo Strømgren

Thursday 8th April at 12pm BST (8pm KST)
Friday 9th April at 8pm BST (9pm CEST)
Saturday 10th April at 8pm BST (9pm CEST)
Saturday 10th April at 8pm EST (Sunday 11th April at 1am BST)

Summer Livestream
New commission by Marne Van Opstal and Imre Van Opstal
Rouge, by Marion Motin, reworked for livestreaming / screen

New commission by Rambert’s artistic director Benoit Swan Pouffer for the fresh new talent of Rambert2

Tickets will be available through many of our partner venue box offices and the shows will be streamed live on Rambert Home Studio.

The safety curtain: Our creations are currently underway at Rambert’s studios where every effort is being taken to ensure the safety of dancers, crew and company Repeated testing is taking place alongside social distancing measures and bubbles for the dancers.

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