To be superhuman you need to be super human…

Nathan, Max, Clark, Emily, Michael, Prince, Vivian, Chen, Melody, Oceane, Minouche, Juliette you are so much more than the super human dancers we see on stage – you’re amazing young people who have so much to give to your friends, family and wider world. I’m so inspired by the way you’re facing this huge challenge at the beginning of your careers. I believe in you and can’t wait to work with you again.

Benoit x

Rambert 2: Individually unique, collectively extraordinary.

If you’re staying at home right now and unable to do what you usually do to make yourself feel like you – remember:
You don’t need a stage – or people watching you – to be super human. You’re already doing it. Stay safe – stay home and keep inspiring the people around you. Together we move the world forward.

Camera and editing – Poetry Film Productions
Project manager and movement direction – Miguel Altunaga Jr.

Made by Palace