Grey Matter

Rambert’s Guest Artistic Director, Benoit Swan Pouffer, creates the first new work for Rambert2, with original music by Brixton-born electronic and dancehall artist GAIKA and designs by London-based fashion duo COTTWEILER.

Benoit Swan Pouffer
Lighting Design:
Lee Curran
Costume Design:
Creative Associate:
Edda Gudmundsdottir


Benoit-Swan Pouffer

Benoit-Swan Pouffer is Rambert’s Guest artistic director. He was a principal dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for seven years before spending a decade as Artistic Director for the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet company. Benoit has since worked on a diverse range of projects, from motion picture The Adjustment Bureau to Ellie Goulding AMEX Unstaged directed by Scarlett Johansson and So You Think You Can Dance. Today Benoit-Swan’s work is seen all over the world, from Broadway to the Lido in Paris to Macau, China. More


Rambert2 is a new group of the world’s most exhilarating dancers, bringing together dancers with outstanding ability, creativity and individuality, to form a second Rambert ensemble.

Rambert2 is a partnership between Rambert and Rambert School. Rambert2 is supported by the Linbury Trust.

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