Diverse and inclusive isn’t what we do it’s who we are

When on stage we represent the world through the vision of the artists we work with and now as we stay at home I’m reminded of the power of the individuals who make up the company and what they have to offer when they express themselves. To the dancers of Rambert- this video made on a ‘day off’ in Paris last year, shows on stage you were Rambert and off stage in the streets and parks and bars, you were yourselves. You’re the super humans which make Rambert special. It inspires me to find more ways to show your incredible individuality and talents.

I’ll see you soon, Benoit x

We believe that being yourself is the most valuable thing you can give to the world – in a time when everyone is staying at home, we shouldn’t forget that! We need you all, and everything you bring – it inspires us.


‘A collaboration between Dan Lowenstein and the dancers from Rambert – Shot in Paris’

Directed, shot and cut by Dan Lowenstein
Movement Direction from Miguel Altunaga Jr
Music Production by 3D Productions / Dave Crowe

Miguel Altunaga Jr
Adél Bálint
Simone Damberg Würtz
Daniel Davidson
Joaquim de Santana
Edit Domoszlai
Liam Francis
Juan Gil
Brenda Lee Grech
Guillaume Quéau
Nancy Nerantzi
Kym Sojourna
Alex Soulliere
Jacob Wye

Shot on location in Paris during April 2019


Special Thanks to all the dancers from Rambert. – Dan

Made by Palace