Supporters’ Events

We offer a variety of special events for supporters throughout the year to bring you closer to Rambert’s work, dancers and creative teams.

As we are a touring company, we have a number of events happening all over the country and we’d be delighted to see you at your local theatre.

Further details can be found in the Supporters Events Programme below.


Tuesday 3 – Rambert 2 Open Rehearsal


Wednesday 2 – Open Class, Theatre Royal Norwich
Friday 11 – Open Class, Rambert 99 Upper Ground
Tuesday 15 – Working Rehearsal, Theatre Royal Plymouth
Tuesday 22 – Rambert Event Rehearsal, Rambert 99 Upper Ground
Friday 25 – Open Class, Theatre Royal Bath


Friday 1 – Working Rehearsal, The Lowry Salford
Monday 4 – Sadler’s Wells Opening Reception Rambert2 (Patrons Only)
Thursday 7 – Sadler’s Wells Opening Reception Rambert Event (Patrons Only)
Friday 8 – Open Class and Working Rehearsal, Sadler’s Wells
Sunday 17 – Rambert Event in Rome, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Benefactors and Patrons only)
Thursday 21 – Rambert Winter Party, Rambert 99 Upper Ground (Benefactors and Patrons only)


Saturday 7 – Rambert Event in Paris, La Grande Halle de la Villette (Benefactors and Patrons only)
Wednesday 11 – Factory Fifteen Studio Visit, 120 London Road (Patrons only)


Tuesday 7 – Aisha and Abhaya Rehearsal, Rambert 99 Upper Ground (Patrons only)
Friday 10 – Aisha and Abhaya: Project Talk, Royal Opera House
Wednesday 15 – Enter Achilles Rehearsal, Rambert 99 Upper Ground (Benefactors and Patrons only)
Thursday 23 – Aisha and Abhaya Opening Night Reception, Royal Opera House (Patrons only)

You can enjoy our Supporter events by becoming a Friend of Rambert.

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