Donor Charter

Rambert is incredibly grateful to the many individuals, companies, trusts and grant makers for their generosity in supporting our work. Without them, our mission to support and give brilliant and daring people a platform to inspire others, and give them the power to change the world for the better, would not be possible. We are dedicated to treating donors with the highest level of care and respect, and we want our donors to feel valued and their experience of giving to Rambert to be a positive and rewarding one.

In accepting a donation from you we promise:

• To treat you with respect, honesty and understanding.

• To recognise and acknowledge your gift promptly.

• To be available if you need to talk to us about your gift or have any concerns or complaints.

• That your gift will go towards the area(s) that you wish to support. Where the gift is unrestricted, Rambert will decide where best to apply the donation.

• To keep donors updated on the impact of their philanthropy and provide progress reports and updates to donors on specific supported activity.

• To recognise and publicise donations in consultation with donors, and respect anonymity where requested.

• To be transparent, and to keep you informed, of the way we use your gift. If priorities change, we will discuss these with you first before proceeding.

• To be responsible with your data, ensuring we comply with Data Protection law. We will be transparent about what data we are collecting, where that data comes from and how we use your data. If you no longer wish to receive communications from us we will respect your wishes. We will never share your data to third parties without your prior knowledge. For full details about Rambert’s data policy, please see our Privacy Notice.

• That you can expect all relationships with individuals representing the organisation to be dealt with professionally.

We have a responsibly at Rambert to treat donors and their donations with consideration and respect, and in return we expect the same level of respect from all of our partners and donors towards the art they are supporting, the staff they interact with and the dancers.

Rambert retains the right to turn down a sponsorship, donation or membership if:

• the actions of the donor are damaging to Rambert, its reputation or its beneficiaries.

• the reputation of the donor risks bringing the Rambert or its artists into disrepute by association.

• the reputation or activities of the donor risks discouraging audiences or donors.

• the donor wishes to exercise influence over artistic or educational policy or activity.

• acceptance might give the impression that the donor expects Rambert or anyone associated with the company to perform some function or activity improperly, or to confer upon him/her some form of advantage (for example, influencing a tendering process).

• the cost of servicing the sponsorship, donation or membership is greater than its value, or unreasonable in terms of its size or impact on the work of Rambert.

• the offer of support is tied to a particular project or activity which reflecting Rambert’s objects, is nevertheless impractical.

• the support consists of goods, services or property which Rambert cannot lawfully use, convert, exchange or sell in direct support of its charitable objects.

• the donation is anonymous at point of issue, as such a donation prohibits a proper risk assessment.

• there is suspicion of money laundering.

• accepting the sponsorship, membership or donation conflicts with Rambert’s legal obligations.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Donor Charter or other matters concerning Development activity at Rambert, please contact Helen Searl, Development Director at helen.searl[ATSIGN]rambert.org.uk or call 0208 630 0641.

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