Valse Finale

Alternative title: Les Valses; Valses Sentimentales
Choreographer: Walter Gore
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Set designer: Sophie Fedorovitch
Costume designer: Sophie Fedorovitch
World premiere: 2 Oct 1938, Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London
Work note: The 'Dress Rehearsal of new ballet Valse Finale' was given on 17 July 1938 at the Mercury Theatre, but the programme for 2 October 1938 specified 'First Performance'.
Production note: This ballet re-used Fedorovitch's designs for 'Valentine's Eve' (Ashton, 1935). In the programme, Fedorovitch is credited as 'Scenery and Costumes'.
Number of dancers: 4 women, 4 men
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0101


Date Programme Venue
2 Oct 1938
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