Unsuitable Case

Choreographer: Sally Owen
Composer: Johann Strauss
Music arranger: Anthony Hinnigan
Set designer: Carolyn Fey
Costume designer: Carolyn Fey
Lighting designer: Sid Ellen
World premiere: 9 Oct 1981, Ballet Rambert, Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
Work note: First performed on 15 April 1981 by Ballet Rambert as part of a Ballet Rambert choreographic workshop at Riverside Studios, London. The work was subsequently taken into the main repertoire.
Production note: In the programme, Carolyn Fey is credited as 'design'.
Music details: Live music: cello, violin, viola, piano
Music note: Arrangement of Strauss waltzes commissioned by Ballet Rambert in 1981. The cellist performed on stage.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0304; CWSWORK/0072


Date Programme Venue
9 Oct 1981
Rainbow Ripples | Unsuitable Case | Night Music* | Ghost Dances Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
28 Jun 1982
Night Music | The Kitchen Table* | Unsuitable Case | Pribaoutki ('A Telling') Theatre Royal, Bristol
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