'Tis Goodly Sport

Choreographer: Jonathan Taylor
Recording artist: Purcell Consort Musica Reservata
Set designer: Peter Cazalet
Costume designer: Peter Cazalet
Lighting designer: John B. Read
World premiere: 30 Nov 1970, Ballet Rambert, Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
Production note: Peter Cazalet is credited as 'designer'.
Music title: 'Ah Robin', 'Blow thy horn, hunter', 'De mon triste desplaisir', 'La Mourisque', 'My Lady Carey's Dumpe', 'Passo e mezzo', 'Pastime with good company', 'Where be ye, my love?'
Music details: Recorded music
Music note: Nine pieces played and sung at the Court of King Henry VIII, taken from a 1968 Argo recorded 'To entertain a King' (ZRG 566)
Sponsors: The choreography and designs for this work were commissioned by the Mercury Theatre Trust Limited with funds provided by Arts Council of Great Britain.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0221


Date Programme Venue
30 Nov 1970
'Tis Goodly Sport* | Pierrot Lunaire | Deserts Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
6 May 1971
'Tis Goodly Sport | Dark Elegies | That is the Show* Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
16 Sep 1971
'Tis Goodly Sport | Pawn to King 5 | Rag-Dances* Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
28 Sep 1972
'Tis Goodly Sport | Considering the Lilies* | Rag-Dances Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
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