Time Base

Choreographer: John Chesworth
Composer: Witold Lutoslawski
Set designer: Nadine Baylis
Costume designer: Nadine Baylis
Lighting designer: John Wyckham
World premiere: 28 Nov 1966, Ballet Rambert, Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
Production note: Nadine Baylis is credited as 'designer'.
Number of dancers: 12 dancers
Music title: Jeux Venetiens (1961)
Music details: Recorded music
Music note: The first, second and fourth sections of this work are danced to Lutoslawski's music. The third section is danced to a recording of the Oxford Dictionary's definition of time, read by a male voice.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0192


Date Programme Venue
28 Nov 1966
Numéros* | Time Base* | Intermède* | Laiderette Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London
26 Jan 1967
Numéros | Time Base | Pierrot Lunaire* | Dark Elegies Richmond Theatre, London
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