Three Gone, Four Left Standing

Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela
Composer: Nic Pendlebury
Recording artist: Nic Pendlebury, Elizabeth Old
Text by: Elizabeth Old
Costume designer: Rafael Bonachela
Lighting designer: Rafael Bonachela, Malcolm Glanville
World premiere: 17 Feb 1998, Rambert Dance Company, Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
Work note: First performed on 24 June 1997 as part of the Rambert Workshop Season at the Riverside Studios, London. The work was subsequently taken into the main repertoire.
Production note: In the programme, the lighting credit reads: Rafael Bonachela assisted by Malcolm Glanville.
Music details: Recorded music and text, with solo viola
Music note: In the programme, the music credit reads: 'Music composed, produced and recorded by Nic Pendlebury; poems written and recorded by Elizabeth Old'.
Source: Cast sheet for 28 May 1998, stage manager's report for 17 February 1998, and reference file in the Rambert Archive. The archive does not have a cast sheet for 17 February 1998.
Archive catalogue: WORK/0401; CWSWORK/0152


Date Programme Venue
17 Feb 1998
Moonshine | Three Gone, Four Left Standing* | No More Play | Rooster Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
27 May 1998
Three Gone, Four Left Standing | No More Play | August Pace* | Greymatter Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
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