The Tale of a Lamb

Choreographer: Susan Salaman
Composer: Gabriel Grovlez
Set designer: Susan Salaman
Costume designer: Susan Salaman
World premiere: 1 Nov 1929, Pupils of Madame Marie Rambert, Mercury Theatre, London
Work note: First performed at Marie Rambert's school (in the building that became the Mercury Theatre) by her students: Robert Stuart (Butcher Boy), Chatti Salaman (Lamb), Prudence Hyman (Shepherd), Betty Cuff (Shepherdess), Merula Salaman (Fawn). The exact day in November is unknown; for searching and sorting purposes a 'holding' date of 1 November is on this record.
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Reference file in the Rambert Archive; Bradley, L. 'Sixteen Years of Ballet Rambert' (Hinrichsen Edition Ltd, 1946).
Archive catalogue: WORK/0021


Date Programme Venue
23 Jun 1930
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