The Planets

Choreographer: Antony Tudor
Composer: Gustav Holst
Set designer: Hugh Stevenson
Costume designer: Hugh Stevenson
World premiere: 28 Oct 1934, Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London
Work note: In the original work, the planets were Venus, Mars, and Neptune. When Tudor mounted a new production for his company London Ballet, he added Mercury (world premiere 23 January 1939). Ballet Rambert included Mercury from 20 June 1940.
Production note: In the programmes, Hugh Stevenson is credits as 'costumes and settings'.
Music title: The Planets (1916)
Music details: Live music: initially piano, later orchestra
Music note: In the 1935 programme for the Duke of York's season, Vally Lasker is credited with arranging the score for piano and strings.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0075
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