The Fairy Queen (dances in the opera)

Composer: Henry Purcell
World premiere: 23 Jun 1927, Pupils of Madame Marie Rambert, Rudolf Steiner Hall, London
Work note: For their production of the opera 'The Fairy Queen', the Purcell Opera Society and Cambridge Amateur Dramatic Society invited Marie Rambert and her students to perform the dances. Author David Vaughan states that Ashton choreographed the important dances and Rambert the less important. Two of Ashton's dances were subsequently performed as 'Flight of Swans' and 'Followers of Night'. The school was not named on the programme. (The world premiere date shown on this record is for the choreography, not for the opera.)
Music title: The Fairy Queen (1692)
Music details: Live music: orchestra
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive; Vaughan, D. 'Frederick Ashton and His Ballets' (Alfred A. Knopf, 1977)
Archive catalogue: WORK/0012
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