The Alcina Suite

Alternative title: La Belle Assemblée
Choreographer: Andrée Howard
Set designer: Andrée Howard
Costume designer: Andrée Howard
World premiere: 28 Oct 1934, Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London
Work note: This ballet first appeared with the title 'La Belle Assemblée' in 'Vauxhall Gardens', an evening-length entertainment devised by Ashley Dukes, which opened on 11 October 1934 at the Mercury Theatre. 'Vauxhall Gardens' included music, songs, and two short operas, 'Thomas and Sally' and 'Every Maid Her Own Mistress (La Serva Padrona)'. Andrée Howard designed all the scenery and costumes. As 'The Alcina Suite', the ballet entered the Ballet Club's repertoire on 28 October 1934.
Music title: 'If Love's a Sweet Passion' from 'The Fairy Queen' (Purcell, 1692); Alcina (Handel, 1735)
Music details: Live music: the 'Vauxhall Gardens' performances used 2 violins, viola, cello, and pianoforte; thereafter, the ballet was performed to piano only.
Music note: The Purcell music was played as a prelude to the ballet.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0073; WORK/0074


Date Programme Venue
11 Oct 1934
La Belle Assemblée, a Ballet* Mercury Theatre, London
28 Oct 1934
If Love's a Sweet Passion (Purcell) | The Alcina Suite (La Belle Assemblée from Vauxhall Gardens)* | Capriol Suite | The Planets* | Foyer de Danse Mercury Theatre, London
6 Apr 1938
La Péri | Pas de Deux from Casse-Noisette | Étrange | Mlle Fifi | The Two Igors | Alcina Suite | La Muse s'Amuse Mercury Theatre, London
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