Strong Language

Choreographer: Richard Alston
Composer: John-Marc Gowans
Costume designer: Katharine Hamnett
Lighting designer: Peter Mumford
World premiere: 6 Aug 1987, Rambert Dance Company, Big Top, Battersea Park, London
Work note: The first version of this work was made for Extemporary Dance Theatre in 1985 under the title 'Cutter'. Alston and Gowan reworked choreography and score for 'Strong Language', which included two new sections and a re-ordering of some of the original sections.
Production note: In the programme, Katharine Hamnett is credited as 'clothes'.
Number of dancers: 12 dancers
Music details: Recorded music
Sponsors: Ballet Rambert gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from the Mercury Theatre Trust towards the creation of this ballet.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0346


Date ↿⇂ Programme ↿⇂ Venue ↿⇂
6 Aug 1987
Dipping Wings (Continual Departing) | Dancing Day | Strong Language* Big Top, Battersea Park, London
11 Aug 1987
Strong Language* | Rushes | Wolfi (An Allegory)* Big Top, Battersea Park, London
20 Nov 1987
Dancing Day | Dutiful Ducks | Septet* | Strong Language Theatre Royal, Glasgow
21 Oct 1988
Septet | Hymnos* | Soldat* | Strong Language Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
22 Oct 1988
Septet | Hymnos | Soldat | Strong Language Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
21 Mar 1990
Embarque | Longevity* | Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain | Strong Language Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
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