Scriabin Preludes

Choreographer: Robert North
Composer: Alexander Scriabin
Rambert premiere: 10 Dec 1982, Ballet Rambert
World premiere: 23 Feb 1978, London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, United Kingdom
Work note: Ballet Rambert performed only the duet from North's longer work 'Scriabin Preludes and Studies', under the title 'Scriabin Preludes'. Jane Pritchard's book 'Rambert: A Celebration' (1996) states that the duet was performed during the USA/Mexico tour in October 1982, but none of the programmes in the Rambert Archive list it. The earliest evidence in the archive is the programme insert for 10 December 1982.
Production note: The programme insert for 10 December 1982 does not list designers.
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Programme insert in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0309


Date Programme Venue
10 Dec 1982
The Kitchen Table | Fantasia | Scriabin Preludes* | Requiem Empire Theatre, Liverpool
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