Scherzi della Sorte: Pranks of Fate

Alternative title: House of Cards
Choreographer: David Paltenghi
Set designer: Leslie Hurry
Costume designer: Leslie Hurry
Rambert premiere: 21 May 1951, Ballet Rambert, Theatre Royal, Bath
World premiere: 8 Apr 1951, Ballet Workshop, Mercury Theatre, London, United Kingdom
Work note: At the Ballet Workshop premiere, the ballet's title was 'Scherzi della Sorte'; the subtitle 'Pranks of Fate' was added at the Ballet Rambert premiere. By July 1951, the ballet was known as 'House of Cards'. In 1954, the title reverted back to the original.
Production note: In the programme, Leslie Hurry is credited as 'decor & costumes'
Music details: Live music
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0152


Date Programme Venue
21 May 1951
Giselle Act 1 | Soirée Musicale | Scherzi della Sorte: Pranks of Fate* | Fate's Revenge* Theatre Royal, Bath
30 Jul 1951
Giselle Act I | Canterbury Prologue* | House of Cards (Scherzi della Sorte) | Façade (The Original Version) Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
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