Russian Court Dance

World premiere: 8 Oct 1928, Pupils of Madame Marie Rambert, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
Work note: No choreographer is credited. The earliest programme for this solo in the Rambert Archive is 'An Evening of Dancing by Diana Gould assisted by Harold Turner' at the Maddermarket Theatre.
Number of dancers: 1 woman
Music details: Live music: piano
Music note: The music is listed as 'popular tune'.
Source: Programmes in the Rambert Archive


Date Programme Venue
8 Oct 1928
Prelude: Movements from French Suite No. 5 (Bach) | Queen Swan | The Warrior | Chinese Porcelain | Lusinghe piu care (Handel) | I attempt from Love's sickness to fly (Purcell) | Fairest Isle (Purcell) | Nymph and Shepherd | Serenade (Brahms) | Russian Court Dance* | Rus Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
21 Dec 1928
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