Rambert Event

Choreographer: Merce Cunningham
Staged by: Jeannie Steele
Composer: Phillip Selway, Adem Ilhan, Quinta
Set designer: Gerhard Richter
Costume designer: Gerhard Richter (after)
Lighting designer: Rambert Staff
World premiere: 28 Jun 2014, Rambert, Rambert [South Bank studios], London
Work note: The Rambert Event featured extracts from the 10 Cunningham’s works in Rambert’s repertoire: Septet (1953), RainForest (1968), Sounddance (1975), Fielding Sixes (1980), Doubles (1984), August Pace (1989), Beach Birds (1991), Touchbase (1992), Ground Level Overlay (1995), Pond Way (1998).
Production note: The choreography was arranged and staged by Jeannie Steele. The set and costumes were based on the Cage series of paintings by Gerhard Richter.
Music title: Rambert Event (2014)
Music details: Live music: percussion, piano, keyboard and electronics
Music commissioned by Rambert: Yes
Sponsors: The Rambert Event has been made possible by Rambert's New Work Commissioning Fund with the support of Cockayne Grants for the Arts, a donor-advised fund of The London Community Foundation.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0472
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