Passionate Pavane

Alternative title: Trio (Lachrymae)
Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Composer: John Dowland
Music arranger: Constant Lambert
Costume designer: William Chappell
Rambert premiere: 11 Oct 1936, Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London
World premiere: 10 Dec 1930, Arts Theatre Club, London, United Kingdom
Work note: The world premiere, under the title 'Follow Your Saint: The Passionate Pavan', took place in 'A Masque of Poetry and Music: Beauty, Truth and Rarity' presented by Arnold L. Haskell. Ballet Club sometimes presented this work with the 'Trio (Lacrymae)', which author David Vaughan suggests may have been an abbreviated version.
Number of dancers: 1 woman, 2 men
Music title: Selection from 'Lachrimae, or Seven Teares, figured in seven passionat Pavans, with divers other Pavans, Galiards and Almands' (1605)
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive; Vaughan, D. 'Frederick Ashton and His Ballets' (Alfred A. Knopf, 1977)
Archive catalogue: WORK/0086


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14 Jun 1937
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8 Nov 1936
Passionate Pavane | The Planets | La Muse s'Amuse* | Façade Mercury Theatre, London
29 Nov 1936
Passionate Pavane | The Planets | La Muse s'Amuse | The American Sailor | The Shepherd's Wooing | Pompette | Capriol Suite Mercury Theatre, London
16 Jan 1938
Our Lady's Juggler | Foyer de Danse | Trio (Lachrymae) | Étrange* | American Sailor | Pompette | The Tartans* | Soirée de Vienne, no. 6 (Schubert-Liszt) | Les Masques (ou, Changement de Dames) Mercury Theatre, London
2 Oct 1938
Cinderella | Trio (Lachrymae) | Bohemian Dance (Smetana, 1877) | Carillon, Tango and Scherzo (Martinu) | Film en Miniature (Martinu, 1929) | Valse Finale* | Bar aux Folies-Bergére Mercury Theatre, London
7 May 1941
Overture | Passionate Pavane | Panaderos* | Shepherd's Wooing | Prelude | Valse | Mazurka | Pas de Deux | Interlude | Death and the Maiden | Interlude | Les Masques (ou, Changement de Dames) The Arts Theatre Club, London
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