Meeting Point

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Michael Nyman
Costume designer: Marian Bruce
Lighting designer: Malcolm Glanville
World premiere: 9 May 1995, Rambert Dance Company, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, California
Work note: Created for the UNited We Dance: An International Festival hosted by San Francisco Ballet.
Music title: Saxophone concerto 'Where the Bee Dances' (1991)
Music details: Live music: soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra
Sponsors: 'Meeting Point' is proudly sponsored by Manchester Airport. Christopher Bruce's choreographic work is supported in part by a 1994 Choo San Goh Award for Choreography from the Choo San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0388
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