Lonely Town, Lonely Street

Choreographer: Robert North
Composer: Bill Withers
Recording artist: Bill Withers
Set designer: Andrew Storer
Costume designer: Andrew Storer
Lighting designer: John B. Read
Rambert premiere: 16 Oct 1981, Ballet Rambert, Grand Theatre Leeds
World premiere: 22 Oct 1980, Janet Smith Dance Group, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, United Kingdom
Work note: Dedication: 'Dedicated to Matt Mattox'. Ballet Rambert performed a duet from 'Lonely Town, Lonely Street' at the Venice Dance Festival in July 1981 before the company's premiere of the full work.
Production note: In the programme, Andrew Storer is credited as 'design'.
Music title: Lonely Town, Lonely Street (1973) Another Day to Run (1972), Let Me in Your Life (1972) , Who is He and What is He to You? (1972) , Ain't No Sunshine (1971), You (1974)
Music details: Recorded music
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0308


Date Programme Venue
17 Jul 1981
Dancing Day* | Lonely Town, Lonely Street (duet) | Rainbow Ripples | The Rite of Spring: Pictures of Pagan Russia Teatro Malibran, Venezia, Italy
16 Oct 1981
Lonely Town, Lonely Street* | Night Music | Ghost Dances Grand Theatre Leeds
18 Mar 1982
Lonely Town, Lonely Street | Airs* | Ghost Dances Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
27 Jul 1982
Lonely Town, Lonely Street | Fantasie* | Apollo Distraught* | Airs Big Top, Battersea Park, London
11 Feb 1983
Lonely Town, Lonely Street | Fielding Sixes* | Pribaoutki ('A Telling') Opera Theatre, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
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