La Pomme d'Or

Choreographer: Vera Donnet, Marie Rambert
Set designer: Vera Donnet
Costume designer: Vera Donnet
Rambert premiere: 25 Feb 1917
World premiere: 25 Feb 1917, Garrick Theatre, London, United Kingdom
Work note: Based on Fra Angelica's paintings. The work, in two scenes, had two dancing parts and a group of child choristers. It premiered at the Garrick Theatre, London.
Music title: La Folia variations
Music details: Live music
Music note: The Corelli music was used in the first scene; Yelin composed music especially for the second scene.
Source: Reference file in the Rambert Archive; Rambert, M. Quicksilver (MacMillan, 1972); J. Pritchard. 'Rambert: A Celebration' (London: Rambert Dance Company, 1996)
Archive catalogue: WORK/0001


Date Programme Venue
21 Dec 1928
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