I'll Be in Touch

Choreographer: Sally Owen, Leigh Warren
Composer: Jim Parker
Recording artist: John Betjeman
Text by: John Betjeman
Set designer: Judy Stedham
Costume designer: Judy Stedham
Rambert premiere: 29 Jun 1979, Ballet Rambert, The Arts Centre, Christ's Hospital, Horsham
World premiere: 3 Mar 1979, Sally Owen and Leigh Warren, Riverside Studios, London, United Kingdom
Work note: First performed by Sally Owen and Leigh Warren on 3 March 1979 and again on 28 March as part of the 'Rambert Workshop: an evening of works created by members of the company'. The work was subsequently taken into the main repertoire.
Production note: In the programme, Judy Stedham is credited as 'design'.
Music title: Poems 'Business Girls' and 'Indoor Games Near Newbury' from 'Banana Blush' (Betjeman)
Music details: Recorded music and poems
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0289; CWSWORK/0058


Date Programme Venue
29 Jun 1979
Running Figures | I'll Be In Touch | Pierrot Lunaire | Celebration* The Arts Centre, Christ's Hospital, Horsham
2 May 1980
Bell High | Passing Through | I'll Be in Touch | Ziggurat Theatre Royal, Bath
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