Don Quixote

Staged by: Witold Borkowski
Music arranger: Geoffrey Corbett
Set designer: Voytek
Costume designer: Voytek
Rambert premiere: 28 Jun 1962, Ballet Rambert, Empire Theatre
World premiere: 10 Feb 1940, Bolshoi Ballet, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia
Work note: Evening-length ballet in four acts. Ballet Rambert was the first company in the West to stage the full ballet.
Production note: Libretto: Marius Petipa after Miguel de Cervantes
Scene/role note: Prologue: Don Quixote's Study; Act I: The Square in Barcelona; Act II: Scene 1 - Inside the Inn; Act II: Scene 2 - A Gypsy Encampment; Act III: Don Quixote's Dream; Act IV: Prologue - Outside Barcelona; Act IV: The Square of Barcelona at Fiesta Time.
Music title: Don Quixote (1871)
Music details: Live music: chamber orchestra
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0181


Date Programme Venue
28 Jun 1962
Don Quixote* Empire Theatre, Liverpool
29 Jun 1962
Don Quixote Empire Theatre, Liverpool
30 Jun 1962
Don Quixote Empire Theatre, Liverpool
30 Jun 1962
Don Quixote Empire Theatre, Liverpool
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