Dipping Wings (Continual Departing)

Choreographer: Mary Evelyn
Set designer: Lizé
Costume designer: Lizé
Lighting designer: Peter Mumford
World premiere: 26 Nov 1985, Ballet Rambert, Theatre Royal, Glasgow
Work note: Dedication: 'For Liz Wright and Albert van Nierop'. First performed with the title 'Dipping Wings' on 4 September 1984 as part of the Ballet Rambert 1984 Choreographic Workshop Season at The Place Theatre, London. The work was extended and developed before entering the main repertoire.
Production note: Mic. Pool is credited as 'sound projectionist'. There are no set, costume or lighting designers listed in the choreographic workshop programme.
Duration: 24 minutes
Number of dancers: 8 dancers
Music title: String Quartet (1964)
Music details: Live music
Music note: In an email to the Rambert Archive, choreographer Mary Evelyn explained the reason for the change of composer. For the choreographic workshop performances, Lutoslawski’s string quartet was used, with the permission of the publisher. Lutoslawski happened to be in the UK in 1985 and read in a newspaper about his music being performed in a new work by Ballet Rambert. He contacted his publisher and requested that permission be withdrawn immediately. The work had one full performance with his score on 26 November 1985, the premiere in the main repertoire. The work was then withdrawn from the repertoire and reworked to a new, commissioned score by Simon Waters in 1986.
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0333; CWSWORK/0096


Date Programme Venue
26 Nov 1985
An Occasion for Some Revolutionary Gestures | Dipping Wings (Continual Departing)* | Sergeant Early's Dream Theatre Royal, Glasgow
10 Oct 1986
Dipping Wings | Mercure | Dutiful Ducks* | Zansa Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
6 Aug 1987
Dipping Wings (Continual Departing) | Dancing Day | Strong Language* Big Top, Battersea Park, London
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