Sat 11 Dec 1999, 7.30pm, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

God's Plenty

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Dominic Muldowney
Orchestra: London Musici


'Alas that ever love was sin' (The Wife of Bath)
Shaman Dance Paul Liburd
Shaman Dance Hope Muir
Couple Maria Sardon Urtiaga
Couple Matthew Hart
Couple Patricia Hines
Couple Conor O'Brien
Couple Antonia Grove
Couple David Hughes
Priest François Testory
Solo Conor O'Brien
The Trials of Constance (from The Man of Law's Tale)
Constance Didy Veldman
Man Branden Faulls
Man Paul Liburd
Man Laurent Cavanna
Man Rafael Bonachela
The Crusades
Solo ('I Sing For My Courage') Patricia Hines
One of Three Knights Laurent Cavanna
One of Three Knights Branden Faulls
One of Three Knights Christopher Powney
Salva Nos ('Save Us')/Miri It Is ('Merry It Is') Judy Slater
Salva Nos ('Save Us')/Miri It Is ('Merry It Is') Ladies of the Company
Two war dances Glenn Wilkinson
Two war dances Jan de Schynkel
Two war dances Rafael Bonachela
Two war dances Matthew Hart
Two war dances David Hughes
Two war dances Hope Muir
Two war dances Didy Veldman
Two war dances Rachel Poirier
Two war dances Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
Narrator Ian Knowles
Innkeeper Christopher Powney
Servant Deirdre Chapman
Servant Patricia Hines
Servant Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
Servant Rachel Poirier
Knight Jan De Schynkel
Squire Maria Sardon Urtiaga
Nun Marie-Laure Agrapart
Nun Elizabeth Old
Friar Matthew Hart
Monk Steve Brett
Cook Glenn Wilkinson
Wife of Bath Miranda Lind
Parson Laurent Cavanna
Miller Branden Faulls
Reeve Conor O'Brien
Summoner David Hughes
Pardoner Rafael Bonachela
One of Four Nuns Deirdre Chapman
One of Four Nuns Patricia Hines
One of Four Nuns Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
One of Four Nuns Rachel Poirier
The Knight’s Tale
Theseus Paul Liburd
Hippolyta Didy Veldman
Emily Angela Towler
Palamon Matthew Hart
Arcita Christopher Powney
Mourning Woman Deirdre Chapman
Mourning Woman Antonia Grove
Mourning Woman Miranda Lind
Mourning Woman Hope Muir
Mourning Woman Elizabeth Old
Mourning Woman Rachel Poirier
The Wife of Bath’s Prologue
Wife of Bath Miranda Lind
Husband Conor O'Brien
Husband Laurent Cavanna
Husband Rafael Bonachela
Husband Glenn Wilkinson
Husband Branden Faulls
The Wife of Bath’s Tale
Knight Jan De Schynkel
Maiden/Crone Maria Sardon Urtiaga
Gwynivere Elizabeth Old
Arthur David Hughes
The Miller’s Tale
John the Carpenter Conor O'Brien
Alison Didy Veldman
Nicholas Matthew Hart
Absalon Branden Faulls
Go-between François Testory
All other parts played by Members of the Company
Conductor Paul Hoskins
Oboe, Recorders Althea Ifeka
Oboe, Recorders, Shawm Joseph Sanders
Violin, Rebec Sarah Ewins
Cello Ben Chappell
Oud, Saz, Lute, Guitar Forbes Henderson
Horn Kevin Elliott
Bass Trombone Paul Lambert
Synthesizer Stephen Lade
Percussion Robert Millett
Percussion Christopher Blundell
Singer Judy Slater
Singer François Testory
Running time: Act I: 7.34pm-8.30pm; Act II: 8.52pm-9.55pm
Source: Cast sheet and stage manager's report for 11 December 1999 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace