Thu 15 Apr 1965, 7.15pm, Theatre Royal, Nottingham


Choreographer: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa
Composer: Adolph Adam
Premiere type: Rambert premiere


Act I
Berthe, Giselle's mother Carolyn Fey
Wilfred, servant to Albrecht Glenn Gilmour
Hilarion, a gamekeeper John Chesworth
Albrecht, a nobleman Kenneth Bannerman
Giselle, a peasant girl Alida Belair
The Duke of Courland Dries Reyneke
Bathilde, his daughter and Albrecht's fiancee Gayrie Macsween
Peasant Pas de deux Maggie Lorraine
Peasant Pas de deux Peter Curtis
Peasant Pas de deux Cecilia Barrett
Peasant Pas de deux John O'Brien
Act II
Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis Anna Truscott
Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis Renée Valent
Zulme, a Wili Gayrie Macsween
Zulme, a Wili Jennifer Kelly
Moyne, a Wili Maggie Lorraine
Moyne, a Wili Cecilia Barrett
Villagers, huntsmen, foresters and Wilis Artists of the Ballet Rambert
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Louis Yffer
Performance note: The programme gives alternative dancers without specifying their performance dates: In the peasant pas de deux, Lorraine and Curtis or Barrett and O'Brien; as Myrtha, either Truscott or Valent; as Zulme, either Macsween or Kelly; as Moyne, either Lorraine or Barrett. All are given here.


Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Composer: William Walton


Scotch Rhapsody Christine Courtney
Scotch Rhapsody John O'Brien
Scotch Rhapsody Marian Meadowcroft
Scotch Rhapsody Hilary Grant
Yodelling Song Jennifer Kelly
Yodelling Song Peter Curtis
Yodelling Song Glenn Gilmour
Yodelling Song Jonathan Taylor
Polka Maggie Lorraine
Valse Joanna Banks
Valse Jill Davey
Valse Sandra Craig
Valse Renée Valent
Popular Song Peter Curtis
Popular Song Jonathan Taylor
Tango Pasodoble Gayrie Macsween
Tango Pasodoble John Chesworth
Tarantella Sevillana Ensemble
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Louis Yffer
Pianoforte Cyril Preedy
Source: Programme for 15-17 April 1965 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace