Thu 6 May 1982, 7.45pm, Theatre Royal, Brighton

Company: Ballet Rambert
Festival name: Brighton Festival


Choreographer: Robert North
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Premiere type: World premiere


Singer Nicole Tibbels
Nymph Cathrine Price
Nymph Elizabeth Wright
Girl with candle Catherine Becque
Folk Tale
Satyr Guy Detot
Fawn Ikky Maas
Centaur Paul Melis
Centaur Hugh Craig
Maiden Diane Walker
Prince Albert van Nierop
One of Three Musicians Mary Evelyn
One of Three Musicians Michael Ho
One of Three Musicians Nelson Fernandez
Night Lucy Burge
Night The cast
Battle of Love
Minotaur Robert North
Young Girl Lucy Bethune
Dawn Catherine Becque
Dawn Lucy Burge
Joie de vivre
Acrobat Mary Evelyn
Acrobat Michael Ho
Acrobat Nelson Fernandez
Acrobat The cast
Epilogue The Cast
Conductor Nicholas Carr
Flute Michael Taylor
Oboe Quentin Poole
Clarinet/Flute Glenn Martin
Clarinet Michael Langdon-Davies
Bass Clarinet Lee Stevenson
Bassoon Michael Cole
Guitar Simon Rogers
Harp Helen Tunstall
Piano Christopher Swithinbank
Violin Ann Hooley
Violin Alison Townley
Viola James Shenton
Cello Anthony Hinnigan
Double Bass Lynda Houghton

Night Music

Choreographer: Richard Alston
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Dancer Diane Walker
Dancer Hugh Craig
Dancer Rebecca Ham
Dancer Mary Evelyn
Dancer Paul Melis
Dancer Michael Popper
Dancer Ikky Maas
Dancer Lucy Burge
Dancer Frances Carty
Conductor Nicholas Carr
Soprano Patricia Hooper
Soprano Nicole Tibbels
Bass Martin Elliott
Basset Horn 1 Glenn Martin
Basset Horn 2 Michael Langdon-Davies
Basset Horn 3 Lee Stevenson

Ghost Dances

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Ernesto Cavour, Atahualpa Yupanqui


Ghost Dancer Nelson Fernandez
Ghost Dancer Albert van Nierop
Ghost Dancer Yair Vardi
The Dead Frances Carty
The Dead Diane Walker
The Dead Lucy Bethune
The Dead Cathrine Price
The Dead Catherine Becque
The Dead Hugh Craig
The Dead Ikky Maas
The Dead Guy Detot
Conductor Nicholas Carr
Sikus (panpipes) Michael Taylor
Quena (end-blown reed flute) Christopher Swithinbank
Charango (small guitar) Simon Rogers
Guitar Forbes Henderson
Bass Guitar Anthony Hinnigan
Percussion Andrew Tyrrell
Source: Programme, publicity materials, and stage manager's report for 6 May 1982 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
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