Wed 22 Sep 2010, 7.30pm, The Lowry, Salford, Manchester

Tour title: Awakenings Tour 2010


Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Recording artist: Bobby McFerrin, Yo-Yo Ma
Composer: Bobby McFerrin, Antonio Vivaldi, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Charles-François Gounod, Johann Sebastian Bach
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Father Jonathan Goddard
Mother Angela Towler
Elder Son Eryck Brahmania
Elder Daughter Pieter Symonds
Younger Son Thomasin Gülgeç
Younger Daughter Estela Merlos
Performance note: On the cast sheet, the character names for the sons and daughters were incorrectly given as brothers and sisters (e.g., Elder Son was listed as Elder Brother). These have been corrected on this performance record.


Choreographer: Merce Cunningham
Composer: David Tudor
Orchestra: Rambert Orchestra


Dancer Eryck Brahmania
Dancer Kirill Burlov
Dancer Antonette Dayrit
Dancer Dane Hurst
Dancer Estela Merlos
Dancer Gemma Nixon
Electronics John Bowers
Electronics Robert Millett


Choreographer: Aletta Collins
Composer: Tobias Picker
Premiere type: World premiere
Orchestra: Rambert Orchestra


Dancer Eryck Brahmania
Dancer Malgorzata Dzierzon
Dancer Robin Gladwin
Dancer Jonathan Goddard
Dancer Thomasin Gülgeç
Dancer Gemma Nixon
Dancer Pieter Symonds
Dancer Angela Towler
Conductor Paul Hoskins
Violin I Richard George
Violin II Charlotte Scott
Viola Nic Pendlebury
Cello Ben Chappell
Double Bass Catherine Elliott
Flute Anthony Robb
Oboe Lucy Foster
Clarinet Juliet Bucknall
Bassoon Philip Gibbon
Horn Kevin Elliott
Trumpet Niall Keatley
Percussion Robert Millett
Percussion Christopher Blundell
Piano Stephen Lade
Harp Sue Blair
Source: Cast sheet and stage manager's report for 22 September 2010 (evening) in the Rambert Technical Dept
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