Thu 8 Feb 1940, 8.30pm, The Arts Theatre Club, London

Lady into Fox

Choreographer: Andrée Howard
Composer: Arthur Honegger
Music note: Danced to live music


Mr. Tebrick Walter Gore
Sylvia, his wife Sally Gilmour
Mrs. Cecil, her nurse Gillian Francis
Huntsman Leo Kersley
Guest Olivia Sarel
Guest Joan McClelland
Guest Joline Wade
Guest Rosemary Young
Guest John Andrewes
Piano Angus Morrison
Piano Guy Johnson

Cap Over Mill

Choreographer: Walter Gore
Composer: Stanley Bate
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


Scene 1: The Camp
The Army Surgeon Walter Gore
The Vivandière, afterwards his wife Lisa Serova
Vivandière Celia Franca
Vivandière Joy Camden
Vivandière Susette Morfield
Vivandière Joan McClelland
Vivandière Olivia Sarel
Vivandière Joline Wade
Colonel David Martin
Soldier John Andrewes
Soldier Leo Kersley
Soldier Peter Franklin-White
Scene 2: Silver Wedding
Grand-daughter Sally Gilmour
Grand-son Joline Wade
Guest Angela Dukes
Guest Felicity Watt
Guest Gillian Francis
Piano Angus Morrison
Piano Guy Johnson


Choreographer: Frank Staff
Composer: Karl Czerny
Music note: Danced to live music


Fugue Ensemble
Sucré Celia Franca
Sucré Olivia Sarel
Sucré Joan McClelland
Sucré Leo Kersley
Pastorale Elisabeth Schooling
Pastorale Walter Gore
M'as-tu vue Sally Gilmour
Ebats Celia Franca
Ebats Olivia Sarel
Ebats Joan McClelland
Ebats Joline Wade
Improvisation Frank Staff
Presque Classique Elisabeth Schooling
Variation Partagée Walter Gore
Variation Partagée Frank Staff
Etude Symphonique Ensemble
Belle Somnolente Elisabeth Schooling
Belle Somnolente Sally Gilmour
Galop Ensemble
Piano Angus Morrison
Piano Guy Johnson
Source: Programme for 8 February 1940 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
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