Fri 17 Jul 1981, 8.30pm, Teatro Malibran, Venezia

Company: Ballet Rambert
Festival name: Venezia Danza Europa 81

Dancing Day

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Gustav Holst
Premiere type: Rambert premiere
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Hugh Craig
Dancer Kathy Chard
Dancer Nelson Fernandez
Dancer Quinny Sacks
Dancer Jkky Maas
Dancer Rebecca Ham

Lonely Town, Lonely Street (duet)

Choreographer: Robert North
Recording artist: Bill Withers
Composer: Bill Withers
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Robert North
Dancer Lucy Burge

Rainbow Ripples

Choreographer: Richard Alston
Composer: Charles Amirkhanian, George Hamilton-Green
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Michael Ho
Dancer Norio Yoshida
Dancer Catherine Becque
Dancer Cathrine Price
Dancer Frances Carty
Dancer Stephen Ward
Dancer Paul Melis

The Rite of Spring: Pictures of Pagan Russia

Choreographer: Richard Alston
Composer: Igor Stravinsky


Woman Lucy Bethune
Woman Kathy Chard
Woman Lucy Burge
Man Hugh Craig
Man Guy Detot
Man Jkky Maas
Man Paul Melis
Man Stephen Ward
Man Norio Yoshida
Adolescent Catherine Becque
Adolescent Rebecca Ham
Adolescent Sally Owen
Adolescent Cathrine Price
Adolescent Quinny Sacks
Adolescent Diane Walker
The Sage Yair Vardi
The Chosen One Sally Owen
Piano Nicholas Carr
Piano Christopher Swithinbank
Source: Festival programme for 17-19 July 1981 in the Rambert Archive. No stage manager's report located.
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