Wed 20 Oct 1954, 8.00pm, Stoll Theatre, London

Giselle Act I

Choreographer: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa
Composer: Adolph Adam
Music note: Danced to live music


Albrecht (A Duke disguised as a peasant) Alexander Bennett
Wilfred (His Squire) Terry Gilbert
Hilarion (A Gamekeeper) Norman Dixon
Giselle (A Peasant Girl) Beryl Goldwyn
Berthe (Her Mother) Anne Lascelles
The Prince John Chesworth
Bathilde (His daughter and Albrecht's Fiancee) Gillian Martlew
Courtier Meg Hopkins
Courtier Jane Hunter
Courtier Norman Morrice
Courtier Kenneth Mott
Courtier Lionel Densley
Courtier John Webley
One of Two Young Peasants Noreen Sopwith
One of Two Young Peasants Ronald Yerrell
Giselle's Friend Audrey Nicholls
Giselle's Friend Patricia Dyer
Giselle's Friend Selma Seigertsz
Giselle's Friend Patricia Ashworth
Giselle's Friend Selina Wylie
Giselle's Friend Thelma Litster
Giselle's Friend Valerie Marsh
Giselle's Friend Marcia Walden
Giselle's Friend Alison Norwood
Giselle's Friend Patricia Cassie
Giselle's Friend Sarita Fonseca
Giselle's Friend Cecily Plowright
Giselle's Friend Naomi Ben-Ari
Giselle's Friend Dorothy Buttery
Giselle's Friend Sheila Alletson
Giselle's Friend Sylvia Singleton
Giselle's Friend Leda Harris
Giselle's Friend Zoharah Gibar
Conductor Joseph Vandernoot
Performance note: This performance preceded the oratorio 'Joan of Arc at the Stake'.

Ballet of the Game of Cards (Scene 6 of the play ‘Joan of Arc at the Stake’)

Choreographer: David Ellis
Composer: Arthur Honegger
Premiere type: World premiere
Orchestra: Ambrosian Singers


The King of France Michael Greenwood
The Duke of Burgundy Barry Shawzin
Avarice Cecily Plowright
Pride Naomi Ben-Ari
Duke of Bedford John Chesworth
Reynold of Chartres Terry Gilbert
The King of England Ann Gardner
Death Norman Morrice
Lust Dorothy Buttery
Stupidity Alison Norwood
John of Luxembourg Norman Dixon
William of Flavy Ronald Yerrell
Conductor Leighton Lucas
Performance note: In addition to this ballet, Audrey Nicholls played Tiger and Thelma Litster played Fox in Scene 4.
Source: Programme for 20 October-13 November 1954 (evening) in the Rambert Archive; Programme for 20 October-13 November 1954 in the Rambert Archive
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