Fri 22 Dec 1944, 2.00pm, St James's Theatre, London

The Glass Slipper (dances in the play)

Choreographer: Andrée Howard
Composer: Clifton Parker
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


The Four Spirits
Earth Margaret Scott
Air Brenda Hamlyn
Fire Joyce Graeme
Water Jean Stokes
The Four Attendant Spirits
Earth Mary Gornell
Air Paula Hinton
Fire Marguerite Stewart
Water Nina Shelley
The Rat Coachman Stanley Newby
The Zany Lulu Dukes
1st Blackamoor Nina Shelley
2nd Blackamoor Marita Kern
The Harlequinade: ''Harlequin in Search of His Heart''
Harlequin Walter Gore
Columbine Sally Gilmour
The Tenor Singer Geoffrey Dunn
The Bass Singer John Oliver
The Doctor Michael Holmes
The Merchant Michael Bayston
The Captain Rex Reid
The Three Graces
Love Jean Stokes
Beauty Joyce Graeme
Truth Brenda Hamlyn
Gentleman of the Court John Kerslake
Gentleman of the Court Michael Holmes
Gentleman of the Court Stanley Newby
Conductor Ernest Irving
Conductor Gideon Fagan
Performance note: Ballet Rambert performed The Four Spirits ballet and The Harlequinade in the play 'The Glass Slipper'. Four dancers also acted named characters (Newby, Dukes, Shelley, and Kern). Two conductors are listed; it is not known which conducted this performance.
Source: Programme for 22 December 1944 in the Rambert Archive
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