Mon 25 May 1959, 7.30pm, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London


Choreographer: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa
Composer: Adolph Adam


Act I
Albrecht, the Duke Christopher Lyall
Wilfred, the Duke's Squire John Benfield
Hilarion, a Gamekeeper Norman Morrice
Giselle, a Peasant Girl Beryl Goldwyn
Berthe, her Mother Valerie Marsh
The Prince John Chesworth
Bathilde, his daughter and Albrecht's Fiancee Gillian Martlew
One of Two Young Peasants Lucette Aldous
One of Two Young Peasants John O'Brien
Giselle's Friend Thelma Litster
Giselle's Friend Elsa Recagno
Giselle's Friend Shirley Dixon
Giselle's Friend Jennifer Dodd
Giselle's Friend Sylvia Singleton
Giselle's Friend Carolyn Fey
Giselle's Friend Jennifer Kelly
Giselle's Friend Andrée Lefevre
Giselle's Friend Diana Norris
Giselle's Friend Irene Siegfried
Giselle's Friend Sandra Short
Giselle's Friend Rachel Holland
Giselle's Friend Anna Truscott
Giselle's Friend Doreen Draisey
Courtier Nicoline Nystrom
Courtier Renee Moreau
Courtier Gordon Yeats
Act II: Giselle’s Tomb in the Forest
Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis Gillian Martlew
Giselle Beryl Goldwyn
Albrecht Christopher Lyall
Hilarion Norman Morrice
Wilfred John Benfield
Moyne, a Wili Thelma Litster
Zulme, a Wili June Sandbrook
Wili Elsa Recagno
Wili Valerie Marsh
Wili Shirley Dixon
Wili Jennifer Dodd
Wili Jennifer Kelly
Wili Carolyn Fey
Wili Sylvia Singleton
Wili Sandra Short
Wili Irene Siegfried
Wili Rachel Holland
Wili Anna Truscott
Wili Doreen Draisey
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Penelope Howard


Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Carlos Surinach
Premiere type: World premiere


The Husband John Chesworth
His Wife Gillian Martlew
Their Daughter June Sandbrook
Foreman Christopher Lyall
His Wife Anna Truscott
Labourer Elsa Recagno
Labourer Carolyn Fey
Labourer Sandra Short
Labourer Sylvia Singleton
Labourer Rachel Holland
Labourer Kenneth Bannerman
Labourer John Benfield
Labourer John O'Brien
The Local Priest Norman Morrice
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Penelope Howard
Harpsichord Joan Barker
Piano Cyril Preedy
Source: Programme for 25 May 1959 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace