Wed 20 Jul 1960, 7.30pm, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

Two Brothers

Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Ernst von Dohnányi
Music note: Danced to live music


The Girl Gillian Martlew
Young Man John Chesworth
His Brother Norman Morrice
Their Friend Thelma Litster
Their Friend Valerie Marsh
Their Friend Carolyn Fey
Their Friend Jennifer Kelly
Their Friend Irene Siegfried
Their Friend Shirley Dixon
Their Friend Doreen Draisey
Their Friend Gayrie Macsween
Their Friend Kenneth Bannerman
Their Friend John O'Brien
Their Friend Gordon Coster
Their Friend Alan Cunliffe
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin Penelope Howard
Violin Richard Maunder
Viola Joan Bucknall
Cello Glenna Thomas

The Sylph

Choreographer: August Bournonville
Composer: Hermann Løvenskjold
Premiere type: Rambert premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


Act I
James Flemming Flindt
The Sylph Elsa Marianne von Rosen
Anna, James' Mother and owner of the farm Valerie Marsh
Effie, James' fiancee Shirley Dixon
Gurn, a farmhand John Chesworth
Nancy, Effie's friend Thelma Litster
Magda, a Witch Gillian Martlew
One of Two Village Boys John O'Brien
One of Two Village Boys Kenneth Bannerman
A Village Piper Alan Cunliffe
Villager Norman Morrice
Villager Jennifer Kelly
Villager Rachel Holland
Villager Irene Siegfried
Villager Gayrie Macsween
Villager Sandra Short
Villager Doreen Draisey
Villager Anna Truscott
Villager Carolyn Fey
Villager Joanna Banks
Villager Gordon Coster
Act II
Scene 1
Magda, the Witch Gillian Martlew
Her Attendant Norman Morrice
Her Attendant Gordon Coster
Her Attendant John O'Brien
Her Attendant Alan Cunliffe
Scene 2
One of Three Sylphs June Sandbrook
One of Three Sylphs Jennifer Kelly
One of Three Sylphs Rachel Holland
James Flemming Flindt
The Sylph Elsa Marianne von Rosen
Variation June Sandbrook
Variation Elsa Recagno
Variation Rachel Holland
Variation Jennifer Kelly
Variation Thelma Litster
Variation Irene Siegfried
Variation Sandra Short
Variation Carolyn Fey
Variation Anna Truscott
Variation Doreen Draisey
Variation Gayrie Macsween
Variation Joanna Banks
Gurn John Chesworth
One of Two Villagers Norman Morrice
One of Two Villagers Gordon Coster
Effie Shirley Dixon
Anna, James' Mother Valerie Marsh
Magda, a Witch Gillian Martlew
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Penelope Howard
Violin Paul Collins
Violin Daphne Wakeham
Violin Betty Rajna
Violin Richard Maunder
Violin Julie Davies
Viola Joan Bucknall
Viola Joy Tredennick
Cello Glenna Thomas
Cello Naomi Elliott
Double bass Nora Mukle
Flute Judith Fitton
Oboe Paul Mosby
Oboe Peter Crane
Clarinet Ian Herbert
Clarinet Daphne Downes
Bassoon Vernon Elliot
Bassoon Peter Francis
Horn Percy Kelly
Horn Raymond Few
Trumpet Norman Archibald
Trombone Neville Roberts
Percussion Albert Setty
Percussion Bernard Davis
Source: Programme for 20-21 July 1960 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace