Mon 13 Jul 1964, 7.30pm, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London


Choreographer: Kenneth MacMillan
Composer: Frank Martin


The Mask Seller Carolyn Fey
Mother Pierrot Hilary Grant
Father Pierrot Dries Reyneke
Laiderette, their daughter Maggie Lorraine
The Host John Chesworth
Guest Jennifer Kelly
Guest Sandra Craig
Guest Ariette Taylor
Guest Peter Curtis
Guest Alan Cunliffe
Guest Christopher Bruce
Pierrot Vivian Dodds
Pierrot Cristina Dyson
Pierrot Elaine Hollings
Pierrot Marie Lavelle
Pierrot Wendy Valent
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Beatrice Carrelle
Harpsichord Joan Barker
Harp Maria Korchinska
Pianoforte Cyril Preedy

Cul de Sac

Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Christopher Whelen
Premiere type: World premiere


Rush Hour Crowd The Company
A Young Man Kenneth Bannerman
A Busker Jonathan Taylor
Person from the Crowd Carolyn Fey
Person from the Crowd John Chesworth
Person from the Crowd Alida Belair
Person from the Crowd Gillian Martlew
Person from the Crowd Alexander Bennett
Person from the Crowd Maggie Lorraine
Conductor David Ellenberg


Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Composer: William Walton


Scotch Rhapsody Christine Courtney
Scotch Rhapsody John O'Brien
Scotch Rhapsody Jennifer Kelly
Yodelling Song June Sandbrook
Yodelling Song Alan Cunliffe
Yodelling Song Peter Curtis
Yodelling Song Jonathan Taylor
Polka Alida Belair
Valse Jill Davey
Valse Joanna Banks
Valse Sandra Craig
Valse Wendy Valent
Popular Song Peter Curtis
Popular Song Jonathan Taylor
Tango Pasodoble Gillian Martlew
Tango Pasodoble John Chesworth
Tarantella Sevillana Ensemble
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Beatrice Carrelle
Source: Programme for 13-14 July 1964 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace