Mon 2 Jun 1947, 7.00pm, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

Les Sylphides

Choreographer: Michel Fokine
Composer: Frédéric Chopin
Music note: Danced to live music


Nocturne Belinda Wright
Nocturne Frank Staff
Nocturne Margaret Scott
Nocturne Brenda Hamlyn
Nocturne Paula Hinton
Nocturne Annette Chappell
Nocturne Barbara Grimes
Nocturne Sara Luzita
Nocturne Sylvia Briar
Nocturne Pamela Vincent
Nocturne Eileen Ward
Nocturne Maria Wellesley
Nocturne Enid Owen
Nocturne Margaret Hill
Nocturne Pearl Gaden
Nocturne Pamela Harford
Nocturne Josephine Leigh
Nocturne Jane Worth
Nocturne Maureen Reed
Valse Annette Chappell
Mazurka Belinda Wright
Mazurka Frank Staff
Prelude Joyce Graeme
Grande Valse Belinda Wright
Grande Valse Frank Staff
Finale Ensemble
Conductor John Andrews
Orchestra Leader Harold Fairhurst

The Sailor's Return

Choreographer: Andrée Howard
Composer: Arthur Oldham
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


William Targett (a Sailor) Walter Gore
Tulip (Princess Gundemey of Dahomey) Sally Gilmour
The King of Dahomey Harry Cordwell
Native of Dahomey Sara Luzita
Native of Dahomey Brenda Hamlyn
Native of Dahomey Enid Owen
Native of Dahomey Pearl Gaden
Native of Dahomey Stanley Newby
Native of Dahomey Vladimir Kalichevsky
Native of Dahomey David Hunt
Native of Dahomey David Ellis
Mrs. Sturmey (William's Sister) Joyce Graeme
Harry Targett (William's Brother) Frank Staff
The Rev. Adrian Cronk Stanley Newby
Mr. Stingo (Owner of the Inn ''The Sailor's Return'') Vladimir Kalichevsky
Charlie Ney (the Rabbit Catcher) John Gilpin
Mrs. Frickes (Modiste) Margaret Scott
Mrs. Everitt (Bee-Keeper) Paula Hinton
Mrs. Clall (Daily Help) Eileen Ward
A Mother Margaret Hill
Her Daughter (apprenticed to the Modiste) Sylivia Briar
Lady of the Village Annette Chappell
Lady of the Village Pamela Vincent
Lady of the Village Maria Wellesley
Lady of the Village Barbara Grimes
A Simpleton David Ellis
A Carter David Hunt
Jack Sait (a Prize Fighter) Harry Cordwell
A Sea Captain David Ellis
The New Tenant of ''The Sailor's Return'' Fay Hammond
The New Tenant of ''The Sailor's Return'' Ronald Hynd
Conductor Arthur Oldham
Orchestra Leader Harold Fairhurst
Source: Programme for 2 June 1947 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace