Fri 12 Oct 1979, 7.30pm, New Theatre, Oxford

Night with Waning Moon

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: George Crumb


Choreographer: Siobhan Davies


Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Constant Lambert
Premiere type: World premiere


Dancer Catherine Becque
Dancer Michael Ho
Dancer Sally Owen
Dancer Norio Yoshida
Dancer Quinny Sacks
Dancer Gianfranco Paoluzi
Conductor Charles Darden
Piano Patsy Toh
Clarinet Glenn Martin
Clarinet Michael Langdon-Davies
Clarinet Robert Schuck
Trumpet Allen Wilson
Trombone Noel Fraser
Cello Anthony Hinnigan
Bass Sarah Haynes
Percussion Andrew Tyrrell
Source: Programme for 9-13 October 1979 and stage manager's report for 12 October in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace