Wed 13 Jun 1934, 9.00pm, Mercury Theatre, London


Choreographer: Andrée Howard, Susan Salaman
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Music note: Danced to live music


The Mermaid Pearl Argyle
Attendant Daphne Gow
Attendant Jennifer Hare
Attendant Ann Gee
Attendant Joan Lendrum
Prince William Chappell
His Bride Mona Kimberley
His Friend Peggy van Praagh
His Friend Susette Morfield
His Friend Tamara Svetlova
His Friend Hugh Laing
His Friend Leslie Edwards
His Friend Frank Staff
Piano Rica Offenhändem
Harp Maria Korchinska

Mephisto Valse

Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Composer: Franz Liszt
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


Marguerite Alicia Markova
Mephisto Frederick Ashton
Faust Walter Gore
Young Girl Elisabeth Schooling
Young Girl Doris Sonne
Young Girl Peggy van Praagh
Young Man Hugh Laing
Young Man Rollo Gamble
Young Man Frank Staff
Piano Rica Offenhändem

Bar aux Folies-Bergère

Choreographer: Ninette de Valois
Composer: Emanuel Chabrier
Music note: Danced to live music


La Goulue, étoile du Can-Can Alicia Markova
La Fille au Bar Pearl Argyle
Grille d'Égout Diana Gould
Hirondelle Nan Hopkins
Nini Patte en l'air Tamara Svetlova
La Môme Fromage Ann Gee
Valentin, garçon Frederick Ashton
Habitués du Bar
Adolphe William Chappell
Gustave Walter Gore
Le Vieux Marcheur Oliver Reynolds
Servante Susette Morfield
Piano Rica Offenhändem
Source: Programme 13 June 1934 (evening) for in the Rambert Archive
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