Mon 30 Jul 1951, 7.45pm, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Festival name: 1951 Canterbury Festival

Giselle Act I

Choreographer: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa
Composer: Adolph Adam
Music note: Danced to live music


Albrecht (The Duke) Alex Bennett
The Prince Ronald Hynd
Wilfred (The Duke's Squire) Derek Westlake
Hilarion (A Gamekeeper) Norman Dixon
Bathilde (Daughter of the Prince and Fiancee of Albrecht) Christine Hindmarch
Berthe (Giselle's Mother) Shirley Rees
Giselle (A Peasant Girl) Margaret Hill
Her Friend Josephine Spaull
Her Friend Ann Horn
Her Friend Audrey Brookes
Her Friend Margaret Pollen
Her Friend Pearl Gaden
Her Friend Gillian Martlew
Her Friend Noreen Sopwith
Her Friend Pamela Fisher
Her Friend Joyce Crookes
One of Two Young Peasants Beryl Goldwyn
One of Two Young Peasants Cecil Bates
Huntsmen and Courtiers
Conductor Geoffrey Corbett

Canterbury Prologue

Choreographer: David Paltenghi
Composer: Peter Racine Fricker
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to live music


Scene I
A Knight there was Ronald Hynd
Heathen Cock Cecil Bates
Scene II
A Young Squire Derek Westlake
Young Maiden Ann Horn
Young Maiden Shirley Rees
Scene III
A Prioress Margaret Pollen
Nun Gillian Martlew
Young Deer Josephine Spaull
Scene IV
A Monk there was Norman Dixon
Young Deer Josephine Spaull
Hunter Ronald Hynd
Hunter Alex Bennett
Scene V
A Friar there was David Paltenghi
Village Girl Pearl Gaden
Village Girl Beryl Goldwyn
Village Girl Audrey Brookes
Hunters and Young Maidens
Scene VI
A Ship there was Derek Westlake
A Girl Pearl Gaden
A Man Cecil Bates
Scene VII
A Clerk there was Alex Bennett
A Man Norman Dixon
A Man Cecil Bates
Young Girls
Scene VIII
A Summoner there was Ronald Hynd
A Gentle Pardoner Cecil Bates
A Man Norman Dixon
Young Girls
Scene IX
A Miller David Paltenghi
A Man Alex Bennett
Young Girls
Scene X
A Good Wife of Bath Margaret Hill
A Miller David Paltenghi
Scene XI
A Poor Parson Cecil Bates
Dancers Ensemble
Scene XII
Our Host Alex Bennett
Dancers Ensemble
Conductor Geoffrey Corbett

House of Cards (Scherzi della Sorte)

Choreographer: David Paltenghi
Composer: Claudio Monteverdi, Pietro Cesti
Music note: Danced to live music


The Man Ronald Hynd
The Fortune Teller Beryl Goldwyn
The King David Paltenghi
The Queen Margaret Hill
The Knave Cecil Bates
Conductor Geoffrey Corbett

Façade (The Original Version)

Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Composer: William Walton
Music note: Danced to live music


Scotch Rhapsody Pearl Gaden
Scotch Rhapsody Noreen Sopwith
Scotch Rhapsody Derek Westlake
Yodelling Song Margaret Pollen
Yodelling Song Cecil Bates
Yodelling Song Ronald Hynd
Yodelling Song Norman Dixon
Polka Josephine Spaull
Valse Ann Horn
Valse Audrey Brookes
Valse Gillian Martlew
Valse Christine Hindmarch
Popular Song Cecil Bates
Popular Song Ronald Hynd
Tango Pasodoble Margaret Hill
Tango Pasodoble David Paltenghi
Tarantella Sevillana Ensemble
Conductor Geoffrey Corbett
Source: Programme for 30 July-4 August 1951 in the Rambert Archive
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