Thu 21 Nov 1968, 7.45pm, Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London

1 - 2 - 3

Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Ben-Zion Orgad

The Act

Choreographer: Linda Hodes
Recording artist: Ramsey Lewis Trio
Composer: Billy Page, Buddy Johnson
Music note: Danced to recorded music

Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain

Choreographer: Glen Tetley
Composer: Morton Subotnick
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Mary Willis
Dancer Christopher Bruce
Dancer Gayrie Macsween
Dancer Peter Curtis
Dancer Sandra Craig
Dancer Jonathan Taylor
Dancer Patricia Rianne
Dancer Bob Smith
Dancer Lenny Westerdijk
Dancer Gideon Avrahami

Dark Elegies

Choreographer: Antony Tudor
Composer: Gustav Mahler
Source: Programme for 21-23 November 1968 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace