Thu 16 Jun 1960, 7.30pm, Essoldo Theatre, Brighton

Les Sylphides

Choreographer: Michel Fokine
Composer: Frédéric Chopin


Nocturne Lucette Aldous
Nocturne Gillian Martlew
Nocturne June Sandbrook
Nocturne Elsa Recagno
Nocturne Kenneth Bannerman
Nocturne Valerie Marsh
Nocturne Carolyn Fey
Nocturne Thelma Litster
Nocturne Shirley Dixon
Nocturne Jennifer Kelly
Nocturne Sandra Short
Nocturne Irene Siegfried
Nocturne Rachel Holland
Nocturne Anna Truscott
Nocturne Doreen Draisey
Nocturne Gayrie Macsween
Nocturne Jane Sanders
Valse June Sandbrook
Valse Elsa Recagno
Mazurka Lucette Aldous
Mazurka Kenneth Bannerman
Prelude Gillian Martlew
Grande Valse Lucette Aldous
Grande Valse Kenneth Bannerman
Final Ensemble
Conductor David Ellenberg
Performance note: The programme lists alternative dancers without specifying their performance dates: Sandbrook or Recagno in Nocturne and in Valse.

The Wise Monkeys

Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
Premiere type: World premiere


A Young Girl Lucette Aldous
Her Conscientious Monkey June Sandbrook
Her Conscientious Monkey Thelma Litster
Her Conscientious Monkey Jennifer Kelly
A Young Man John O'Brien
His Less Conscientious Monkey John Chesworth
His Less Conscientious Monkey Kenneth Bannerman
His Less Conscientious Monkey Gordon Coster
A Lady of Experience Gillian Martlew
Her Husband Norman Morrice
Conductor David Ellenberg
Solo Trumpet John Lauderdale
Solo Piano Cyril Preedy

The Lilac Garden

Choreographer: Antony Tudor
Composer: Ernest Chausson


Caroline, the bride to be Lucette Aldous
Her Lover John Chesworth
The Man she must marry Norman Morrice
An Episode in his past Gillian Martlew
Guest Valerie Marsh
Guest Thelma Litster
Guest Elsa Recagno
Guest Kenneth Bannerman
Guest Gordon Coster
Conductor David Ellenberg

The Gala Performance

Choreographer: Antony Tudor
Composer: Sergei Prokofiev


La Reine de la Danse (in red) from Moscow Anna Truscott
La Déese de la Danse (in black) from Milan Elsa Recagno
La Fille de Terpsichore (in pink) from Paris Shirley Dixon
Cavalier John Chesworth
Cavalier Gordon Coster
Cavalier John O'Brien
Coryphée Thelma Litster
Coryphée June Sandbrook
Coryphée Rachel Holland
Coryphée Jennifer Kelly
Coryphée Irene Siegfried
Coryphée Doreen Draisey
Conductor Alan Cunliffe
Dresser Carolyn Fey
Conductor David Ellenberg
Source: Programme for 16-18 June 1960 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace