Sat 30 Jun 1962, 7.15pm, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Don Quixote

Choreographer: Alexander Gorsky, Rostislav Zakharov
Composer: Ludwig (Léon) Minkus


One of Two Servants Christine Courtney
One of Two Servants Leon Draper
Don Quixote John Chesworth
Dulcinea Christine Mackay
Sancho Panza John O'Brien
One of Three Market Women Jane Sanders
One of Three Market Women Ariette Taylor
One of Three Market Women Cristina Dyson
Basilio Kenneth Bannerman
Kitri Lucette Aldous
One of Her Two Friends June Sandbrook
One of Her Two Friends Shirley Dixon
Kitri's Mother Carolyn Fey
Gamache, a Nobleman Alan Cunliffe
A Street Dancer Anna Truscott
Espada, the Matador Jonathan Taylor
One of Three Toreadors Peter Curtis
One of Three Toreadors Leon Draper
One of Three Toreadors Dries Reyneke
Impresario Norman Morrice
One of Two Gypsies Anna Truscott
One of Two Gypsies Jonathan Taylor
Queen of the Dryads Gillian Martlew
One of Her Principal Attendants Anna Truscott
One of Her Principal Attendants Angela Rowe
One of Four Dryads June Sandbrook
One of Four Dryads Shirley Dixon
One of Four Dryads Elsa Recagno
One of Four Dryads Jennifer Kelly
Attendant Gayrie Macsween
Attendant Joanna Banks
Attendant Vivian Dodds
Attendant Angela Rowe
Attendant Sandra Craig
Attendant Jill Davey
Duke of Barcelona Norman Morrice
His Duchess Gillian Martlew
Conductor David Ellenberg
Source: Programme for 28-30 June 1962 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace