Wed 23 Jun 1965, 7.30pm, Coventry Theatre

The Realms of Choice

Choreographer: Norman Morrice
Composer: Leonard Salzedo
Premiere type: World premiere


Dancer Gayrie Macsween
Dancer John Chesworth
Dancer Kenneth Bannerman
Dancer Peter Curtis
Dancer Jonathan Taylor
Dancer Christopher Bruce
Dancer Renée Valent
Conductor David Ellenberg

La Sylphide

Choreographer: August Bournonville
Composer: Hermann Løvenskjold


James Kenneth Bannerman
The Sylphide Cecilia Barrett
Anna (James' mother and owner of the farm) Cristina Dyson
Effie (James' fiancee) Gayrie Macsween
Gurn (a farmhand) John Chesworth
Nancy (Effie's friend) Jennifer Kelly
Madge (a witch) Carolyn Fey
One of Two Village Boys (Variations) Peter Curtis
One of Two Village Boys (Variations) Jonathan Taylor
Piper Neil Gibson
Villagers, Sylphs and Attendants
Conductor David Ellenberg
Violin (Leader) Louis Yffer
Source: Programme for 23-24 June 1965 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace