Tue 11 Aug 1987, 7.30pm, Big Top, Battersea Park, London

Strong Language

Choreographer: Richard Alston
Composer: John-Marc Gowans
Premiere type: World premiere
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Lucy Bethune
Dancer Amanda Britton
Dancer Mary Evelyn
Dancer Sara Matthews
Dancer Cathrine Price
Dancer Elizabeth Old
Dancer Mark Baldwin
Dancer Christopher Carney
Dancer Michael Hodges
Dancer Jeremy James
Dancer Gary Lambert
Dancer Paul Old


Choreographer: Siobhan Davies
Composer: Michael Finnissy


Dancer Cathrine Price
Dancer Ben Craft
Dancer Mary Evelyn
Dancer Mark Baldwin
Dancer Lucy Bethune
Dancer Michael Hodges
Piano Christopher Swithinbank

Wolfi (An Allegory)

Choreographer: Lynn Seymour
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vladimir Ashkenazy
Premiere type: World premiere


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Jeremy James
Muse Gary Lambert
Salieri; court composer who envied Mozart Paul Old
Constanze, Mozart's wife Elizabeth Old
Katharina Cavalieri, Salieri's Mistress Cathrine Price
Constanze's mother Mary Evelyn
Emperor Josef II Michael Hodges
Leopold, Mozart's father Mark Baldwin
One of the Musical advisers to Josef Ben Craft
One of the Musical advisers to Josef Bruce Michelson
One of the Musical advisers to Josef Christopher Carney
One of Three Ladies of the Court Amanda Britton
One of Three Ladies of the Court Lucy Bethune
One of Three Ladies of the Court Sue Hawksley
Conductor Nicholas Carr
Piano Christopher Swithinbank
Flute Michael Taylor
Oboe Stella Dickinson
Oboe Lindy Harris
Bassoon Simon Couzens
Bassoon Catherine Graves
Horn Stephen Bell
Horn William Brewer
Trumpet Nicholas Bomford
Trumpet Allun Proom
Timpani John O'Hara
Violin Ann Hooley
Violin James Shenton
Violin Elizabeth Wilson
Violin David Lyon
Violin Alison Beatty
Violin Alison Townley
Violin Penny Poole
Violin Andrew Davies
Violin Jennifer Thurston
Viola Griff Owen
Viola Harriet Longman
Viola Clive Howard
Viola Nigel Goodwin
Viola Kate Musker
Cello Anthony Hinnigan
Cello Justin Pearson
Cello Philip Trzebiatowski
Double Bass Sarah Haynes
Double Bass Mark Horn
Source: Programme and stage manager's report for 11 August 1987 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
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